Clear, concise trading recommendations which leave no doubt when to enter the position, when to exit and what protective stop to use. One of our readers favorite contributors.
Bill Taylor, Editor
Wall Street Whispers
Houston, Texas

I find your stock trader's service to be a starting point of my day. It helps me focus on a few ideas for trading and also helps me watch stocks technically. Watching charts helps me see where investors are putting monies.
Nile Steigerwald, Vice President/Sales
PaineWebber, Inc.
Morristown, NJ

Dear Harry,
I have been paper trading your recommendations for the past 3 weeks. The only regret is I wish I had been in the market for real because the gains were tremendous!! Close to $15,000 in the last 3 weeks. I day trade so the opportunities are there. You just make it easy! I love your report--my profits just yesterday have paid for my subscription.
Dr. Keith Braswell
Smyrna, Georgia

Mr. Aloof's technical analysis is brilliant. My first year's annualized return was in excess of 80%. My second year (currently 98) is an astounding annualized return of 149.5%.
Brian Tuel, Crystal River, FL
(Close of business 7/9/98)

I have never had a service as on the money as the Wall Street Trader's Column. The equities chosen are those that are 'ready' to trade higher, based upon Harry Aloof's painstaking research and proven theories developed over the past 30 years. If you buy and adhere to the stops, you will make money.

- Robert E. Simon, Investment Executive, Legg Mason, Allentown, PA

As a relatively new participant in the market, I have found the Wall Street Trader's Column a veritable cornucopia of valuable possibilities. Harry does all the work that it would take someone like me weeks or months to find-if I could find these gems-and he does it every day. And so far, there's been a lot of winners. In addition, Harry is very accessible and extraordinarily helpful.
E.N., New York, NY

I have been in the Market for 50 years, the last 40 as a stockbroker, until my current retirement. I'm still active as an investor and a trader. The Wall Street Trader's Column is my prospector. Their technical leads save me the job of digging for current picks. A good success ratio comes easier with their expert technical leads.
A.L.H., Boynton Beach, FL

I look forward to getting Wall Street Trader's Column early each morning and have found it to be a profitable tool to use in my stock trading.
Jerry Bowden, Paris, TN

The Wall Street Trader's Column has proven to be an excellent tool in keeping abreast and ahead of market trends.
Nigel Gilbert, President, Max Equities Inc., Long Beach, NY

Laurent Roux, Head of Stock Trading, Darier Hentsch & Cie, Switzerland

Benefits: (1) Can use stock or option plays-good on both, (2) Helpful to know entry points and stops, and (3) Like the section featuring sectors.
Barbara Daly
Cleveland, O

I am taking the opportunity on this my 83rd birthday to congratulate you for the excellent work you produce in your daily stock advisory. For me it is a no nonsense comprehensive coverage of the action on Wall Street that can deliver profits if used with discipline."
Ed Bernstein (Trader of many years), Nashua, NH

We love your Trader's Column. You are right on with many of your picks. Thanks again.
Bert Waite, Raleigh, NC

The Wall Street Trader's Column represents the ultimate technical product there is in the market, undoubtedly.
Jaimy Bensimon, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.R.C.P

Wall Street Trader's Column is an excellent technical product. It helps us and our customers to learn more about technical recommendations and more scope about different companies which we don't follow. It increased our volume of business and the trust in tracking the markets. Performance on the average is excellent.
Hanna Nadar, United Saudi Bank

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