The Broker's Consultant™ Buys & Sells Lists
One of the greatest benefits of your Wall Street Trader's Column™ subscription are The Broker's Consultant™ Lists. These lists are derived from the top 3% - 5% of all volume leading stocks on the major exchanges. Use the Broker's Consultant™ Lists to follow up on previous WST recommendations. Stocks that were recommended in our 16 stock report will generally continue to appear on the Broker's Consultant™ Buys List if they are still buy candidates. If you own companies that are not mentioned in the 16 stock report, you may find them on the Broker's Consultant™ Lists. The Broker's Consultant™ Sells List may be used as source for unloading non-profitable positions. The Broker's Consultant™ Lists are usually posted between 10PM and 12AM EST, while our other reports are usually posted 3 - 4 hours before the market opens. Various financial institutions, bank and money managers use the Broker's Consultant™ Lists as a source of trading ideas. Profit from it

The Broker's Consultant™ Focus Buys & Focus Sells
The Focus recommendations are lists of 12 buy and 12 sell recommendations that just didn't make it into our main report. These lists tend to be very strong, and many of the stock choices will perform just as well as the companies recommended in our 16 stock report. Use this list to add to existing positions, to buy companies you've been watching, or to get out of postions