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If you currently have a financially related web site with a registered domain name (i.e. then you're qualified to become a Wall Street Trader's Column™ Partner. After a brief review of your web site to verify that it's content is consistant with our material our developers will build a Co-Branded forum featuring the Wall Street Trader's Column™ daily report like the one in this sample

This Co-Brand report is proven to increase visitor traffic to YOUR web site and keep them coming back day after day. Written by our own Market Expert Harry Aloof, this report is exclusive to Wall Street Trader's Column™ and can not be found anywhere else on the Internet. A true veteran to the stock market Mr. Aloof brings over 30 years of experience to the table. His report is compiled from extensive market analysis technics that Mr. Aloof has perfected and proven over the years.
Below you will see an image of the Co-Brand forum. Click on the image or the text link to view the actual Co-Brand example. If you believe you would like to participate in this join venture please Apply Here

We seriously value the relationships with our Cobrand Partners, and are working hard to offer the best content available on the Internet. This section of our web site offers our Partners the ability to view reports summarizing the revenue sharing program that we be offering, reports detailing traffic summaries, and information on successful promotion. We have found that many of our Partners prefer to present their Cobrand pages as a personal analyst report. We've also found that many of our Partners would rather present our content through a text link, or a photo of Mr. Aloof vice a banner or button. We listen to you! Please find some example text links and photos below that you can add to your web site either with or instead of our banners or buttons. Keep your eye on this section, reports are coming soon! Thank you... Text links Please consider using one of the examples below to provide your customers with a means of linking to your Wall Street Trader's Column™ cobrand content: