BitCoin HarryDaily BitCoin/Crypto Report Nov 2, 2021

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Daily Feature Report: Bitcoin To US Dollar ($BCH/USD): Technical Viewpoint: From a low of $39,367.17 on Sept 21, 2021 prices rallied, reaching a high of $66,980.66 on Oct 20, 2021. A decline saw prices pull back, reaching a low of $58,128.18 on Oct 31, 2021. Technicals: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): A Sell Alert! was given on Oct 24, 2021, when the black line crossed the red line to the downside. Stochastic Oscillator: (STOC) A Buy Alert was given on Oct 30, 2021, when the black line crossed the red line to the upside. Chaikin Money Flow: Crossed the (O) line to the plus side on Oct 30, 2021. Support & Resistance: Support remains at $58,128 Resistance: Is at $60,863. Summary: Technical indicators have turned bullish

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